To provide excellent, reliable and dependable source of information, education and entertainment, to have a re-awakened socio-cultural and political society.


Salama FM has been established to give the people of Southern Kaduna a sense of belonging as a community and social re-awakening through reliable information, education and entertainment on a consistent basis. The key word here is Consistency, which informs its Core Values – SAME, as an acronym for:

S – Superior service

A – Accountability & Accuracy

M – Moral values, Honesty, Integrity & Trust

E – Excellent teamwork & Excellence in production

Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Nuhu Kure, who is its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer has the desire, which has been aptly captured in its slogan, “Raising a Generation… Redefining the Future” –to remove the people from the shackles of ignorance through information dissemination and education.

Our Programming

As a radio station that is privately owned, Salama 98.1FM presents itself to a multi-lingual group like Southern Kaduna of Central Nigeria to be a melting pot for articulating the interests of the people who populate the area. The station has been established through a philanthropic desire to give these egalitarian and diverse people a voice to propagate and disseminate their views and interests, as well as to reinforce their sense of identity amid increasing globalization.

Considering the socio-economic backwardness of its pool of listeners and audiences, the content direction of the station is liberal. Accordingly, the programming philosophy of Salama FM is social libertarian; being privately owned and licensed to operate as a full commercial enterprise. Therefore governmental interference with the station’s operations is minimal to enable it form a pact with the people to unclog the channel of communication and ensure fairness to all segments of a pluralistic society.

In this regard, the general programming objectives of the station are to:

  • Inform, mobilize and sensitize the public towards greater participation in civic matters.
  • Effect attitudinal change in the interest of inter-communal harmony and micro economic development.
  • Enhance environmental and infrastructural development of the area through identification of felt-needs and holding public officials accountable.
  • Promote the social, cultural, physical and mental wellbeing of the people.
  • Enhance rural and agricultural development.
  • Offer a platform for information exchange among various interest groups in the society.
  • Help in overcoming public apathy in governance towards grassroots initiatives.

Southern Kaduna is an area characterized by low level of physical and social infrastructures, with acute shortage of employment opportunities in the formal sector, despite the intellectual endowment of the people. This situation is worsened by the hostilities of the past and starvation of information, which is vital for meaningful inroad into present day global information order.

This sorry state of affairs has made Apostle (Dr.) Emmanuel Nuhu Kure to uphold peace as a precondition for development, and sought to change the undesirable circumstance, hence his vision to establish the radio station to intensify the voice of the people to change their timidity towards the media and make the media part of their culture. He chose “Salama”, as the name of the radio station to bring more advocacies for peace among the people and their neighbors.


Raising a Generation …Redefining the Future”. This represents the urgent need to make a difference, capable of taking the communities we serve out of ignorance, economic slavery, and information bankruptcy, etc.

The station has an array of interesting programmes, some of which are listed below:-

  • News,
  • Security 24/7,
  • Politics 1o1,
  • Salama Sports Arena,
  • Damuwar ka Damuwa na,
  • African Patrol,
  • Know Your Health,
  • Entrepreneurship Clinic,
  • Language Belt,
  • The Bible with Kids,
  • From the Throneroom,
  • The Go-Between,
  • Ibadan Musulunci,
  • Issues Arising,
  • Parrot’s Parody,
  • Wildlife Revealed,
  • Ranar Fadi Wa Juna Gaskiya,
  • Wazobia,
  • Laughter Therapy amongst others .