Response By Kaura Concerned Group on Simon Na’Allah’s Campaign of Calumny Aimed At Defaming Hon. Gideon Gwani In A Recent Radio Interview in kaduna.

Contrary to the widespread awareness campaign by the National Peace committee, various government agencies like the National Orientation agency, the media and Civil Society Organizations who have urged politicians to focus on Issues-based campaign and to shun defamatory remarks on political rivals in order to avoid overheating the polity. In a radio interview at Invicta FM, kaduna, 31st October 2022 (the perspective with Toyin Alabi); Na’Allah lied or shortchanged the role of a legislator to that of the executive arm of government, all in a bid to destroy the good name of Hon. Gideon Gwani.

From Na’Allah’s comments, it appears he does not understand the responsibilities of a legislator which is completely deferent from the responsibilities of the executive arm of government. Hon. Gwani is the facilitator while the executive arm of government, implements. So hold the executive accountable.

The procurement processes are well-spelt out for all citizens to follow and adhere as stipulated. Again, Na’Allah alleged that the incumbent, Hon. Gideon Gwani uses resources made available for the development of the constituency which is being misappropriated to win elections at every primary election. This is an attempt to negatively insight the people against Hon. Gwani; this has exposed Simon Na’Allah’s ignorance as to how things are being done in the National Assembly. It is the duty of a member of the House of Representatives to lobby, facilitate an attract government presence in the constituency by way of projects. Note; Government does not give financial resources to ‘law makers’ to spend and execute projects. But rather projects are executed as provided by the procurement act. It has also become clear that Simon Na’Allah believes that financial resources are given to legislators for the purposes of executing projects that is why he left his ‘plum job’ at (DMO), to aspire to serve as a legislator as described by him.

For the benefit of those who do not know; when Na’Allah left DMO he claimed that he wanted to serve the people, he informed many that, his monthly earnings was just about 600k, and unfortunately in his view it is not enough for him to impact positively on the development of our federal constituency. “What a narrow minded ideology! “ In the history of Kagoro Development Association (KDA), all presidents of the association have made our people proud in their performances. They were creative, innovative, hardworking and committed to the responsibilities bestowed on them as it concerns developmental issues of our community. They were able to think out of the box and successfully completed their tenure as contained in the constitution of the (KDA).

In the case of Simon Na’Allah, who keenly contested to become the president of KDA of which he got the mandate of the people to lead and deliver; unfortunately, shortly after assumption into office for about a year he decided to abandon his responsibilities on the premise that there was no funding for him to achieve meaningful impact on the people. His decision was received with shock and disappointment to our people, especially when he informed them that he so wish to be their representative at the House of Representatives, National Assembly Abuja where there will be more and enough money for him to impact meaningful.

It was at this point that it became clear to the people that he only wanted to be KDA President for people to know him and to collapse all the branches and structures of KDA to support him in his quest to pursue his political ambitions. This style and the platform of KDA he wanted to use in order to catapult himself into political relevance failed. Another allegation by Simon Na’Allah is that, in the 20 years that Hon. Gideon Gwani served as a legislator at the State Assembly and as a Representative in the National Assembly; there is nothing to show for it.

This is laughable because the many developmental projects Hon. Gwani has attracted is unprecedented. They are visible, one can touch and feel and you hear, if you ask. In 1999 there was no electricity in the Towns of ‘Tum and ‘Mallagum’, the home town of Simon Na’Allah, Hon. Gwani facilitated the electrification of those towns, and today Na’Allah is a beneficiary of the said project.

The projects are many. It is important to note that nobody has been denied the opportunity to contest for any political office. All political offices have always been contested keenly without discrimination in kaura. Hon. Gwani lost an election to his excellency the former Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, late Arc. Bala Bantex of blessed memory and by the grace of God reclaimed same office from the ‘late’ ; in a similar election. Who ever claims to have the people on his side, time will tell. Elections are won at the ballot, not by boasting of the mouth.

Sign: David Elisha

Chairman, Kaura Concerned Group